Members of public gather signatures against nuclear power plant in Mahilyou region

The anti-nuclear activists say they want to expand into more districts of the Mahilyou region, eastern Belarus with their campaign to gather signatures against the construction of the first ever nuclear power station in Belarus. The campaign was launched in the Gorki district which will possibly host the location of the power plant. Eduard Brokarau, a spokesman for the environmentalist group, said to the European Radio for Belarus:

“We held consultations with our colleagues from the neighboring areas like Byalynichy, Shklou and Mahilyou. We have reached a good understanding”.

A total of 500 "No!" signatures have been gathered in the area since late 2007.

Eduard Brokarau says:

“50-60 percent of the people here clearly object to this project and sign up against very easily. Those who support hope that the project could bring new jobs”.

The signatures will be filed with the Office of the President, the House of Representatives and the local authorities.