Lukashenka: Belarus stops EU-bound drugs and illegal migrants


President Aliaksandr Lukashenka on 4 November once again spoke about the important geopolitical situation of Belarus. Visiting the Orsha district in eastern Belarusв, he told the local residents:

“We are peaceful people. We do not want war. We are not rich but we are not begging anyone. We will earn our happiness ourselves. If we are active, we will get everything done. I have already said before that decades and centuries of negotiations are better than one day of war," Lukashenka is quoted by his press office as saying.

Lukashenka also mentioned his participation in the Munich Security Conference session in Minsk last week.

“Speaking in front of the representatives of the West at the Munich Security Conference, I told them: appreciate Belarus, don't impose sanctions against us. Drugs, bandits, nuclear elements, illegall migration flow to the West via us. We catch and stop them at our own cost," the Belarus leader said.