Lithuania says hundreds of sanctions evasion attempts prevented

Lithuania says attempts to evade sanctions were uncovered / Euroradio
Lithuania says attempts to evade sanctions were uncovered / Euroradio

Lithuania has prevented hundreds of attempts to evade sanctions. Such figures were announced by the country's Deputy Minister of Communications and Transport Loreta Maskaliovenė on LRT radio.

"No sanctioned goods should be transported. The other side is resourceful and it's really obvious that not only since the beginning of the war, but also since the suspension of Belaruskali transit, we have seen a variety of different ways of fraud and circumvention schemes - it's true," the official said.

She spoke of hundreds of attempts that were eventually prosecuted. Various Lithuanian agencies are working to uncover them.

Loreta Maskaliovenė also commented on the detention of railway cars with Belarusian fertilizers. She called it another case of circumvention of the sanctions regime. "As a result, the trains were stopped, the information was passed to law enforcement agencies, to the Prosecutor's Office, and obvious cases of fraud are being investigated. Only one out of several hundred cases that were prevented reached the media," she added.

As Euroradio reported earlier, Lithuanian Railways detained 15 wagons of Belarusian fertilizer. The cargo, worth 320 thousand euros, was shipped to Dubai through the port of Klaipeda, bypassing the sanctions imposed on Belarus. 

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