KGB detains Lukashenka's aide over $200K bribe

КДБ затрымаў за хабар памочніка прэзідэнта Сяргея Раўнейку

Siarhei Rauneyka, Belarus President's aide who oversees the Hrodna region, has been detained by the State Security Committee (KGB) when receiving a bribe of $200 000 , according to the KGB website.

President Lukashenka personally authorised the investigation and detention.

KGB says the law-enforcement began to monitor Rauneyka over one year ago after information emerged the public servant had received bribes on numerous occasions from various persons to resolve issues within the scope of his competence.

A criminal case was opened against Rauneyka under Artile 430 (3) in the Penal Code. He is facing up to 15 years in prison.

Rauneyka is being interrogated at a KGB pretrial detention jail.

Little is known about Siarhei Rauneyka. He became Lukashenka's right hand in the Hrodna region on 25 June 2015. Prior to that, he headed a department at the State Control Committee and was in charge of the Hrodna region in western Belarus.

He combined the post of president's aide with his job of the chief inspector for the Hrodna region. On 1 May 2017, the word 'chief' was removed from his job title.

Rauneyka also chaired the Hrodna regional branch of the Belarusian Boxing Federation.