Office of the President's head admits corruption

Кіраўніца Адміністрацыі прэзідэнта распавяла пра карупцыю ў сваім ведамстве

Belarus’ fight against corruption is based on principles, and it will be open and transparent, head of the Presidential Administration Natallia Kachanava told the state news agency BELTA.

"Everyone who holds his or her own interests above the interests of the state will be punished,” she threatened.

Cases of large-scale corruption have been uncovered in the Ministries of Transport, Energy, Healthcare and Minsk City Executive Committee in the course of this year. “Sadly, it was spotted even in the President’s Administration. One of the department heads abused powers,” Kachanava revealed.

Everyone is equal under the law, the head of the President’s Administration stressed. “There will be no mercy. Positions, ranks and previous services will not matter.”