Italian communists to intensify Belarus-Italy dialogue

A deputy of the Italian Parliament, the Secretary of the Party of Italian Communists Oliveiro Diliberto, claimed that it was necessary to get rid of stereotypes against Belarus. The announcement was made during his meeting with representatives of the House of Representatives of the National Belarusian Council on international affaires and CIS issues. According to him, the cooperation between Belarus and Italy has a great potential. “We are not cooperating enough at the moment. We have to try to cooperate in the political, economic and cultural spheres”, - said O. Diliberto. According to him, Italian deputies are ready to help their government “play the connecting part in the relations of Belarus and the European community”.

By the way, it has become known that a visit of the head of the standing commission of the Italian Senate Sergio di Grigorio to Belarus will take place from November 29 till December 3.