Indefinite protest possible near Belarusian Embassy in Ukraine

Funeral date of Ales Charkashyn who died in Ukraine is still not exactly known. Previously it was assumed that the funeral will be held on September 1 in Brest.

Based on information that Euroradio obtained from the volunteer under the call sign 'Belarus', colleagues of the now deceased Brest dweller await the arrival of the Belarusian consul. Belarusian volunteers suspect that diplomats can obstruct the delivery of the Charkashyn body home. In response, they threaten to protest outside the embassy.

'Belarus': 'If the Belarusian authorities through the consul try to somehow disrupt the process of burial and shipping of the body, we are ready to stage a perpetual campaign: to get people outside the embassy and just block its work."

Ales Charkashyn, who under the call sign 'Taras' was chaplain to the volunteers, recently died in Ukraine. His burial is supposed to take place at home, in Brest. Charkashyn's visitation took place on August 31, in Dnepropetrovsk.