Hockey club Dinamo Minsk members COVID 19 positive

Who exactly from the hockey players got sick is unknown​

Eight people from Dinamo Minsk hockey team: hockey players, coaches and club administrators have tested positive for COVID 19.

It wou;dn't come to light unless the club members had to take tests in Riga on October 1 before the last match of the away series with the local Dinamo. This was required by Latvian legislation.

The Belarusians with positive tests were isolated and taken out of Latvia in special vehicles. Upon returning to Belarus, the team was tested again. Five people tested positive.

It's not so hard to recall the words of Alyaksandr Lukashenka who said at the hockey rink:

"There are no viruses here. You haven't noticed any flying around, have you? I don't see them either. This refrigerator gives the best health. Sports, especially ice, this refrigerator is an anti-viral medicine, the real thing."