Hans-Georg Wieck: Russia will delay construction of nuclear power plant in Belarus for 25 years

Russia will spend 25 years to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus but will not finish the construction, because it will be in Russia's interests to delay the project, Nasha Niva newspaper quoted Hans-Georg Wieck a German diplomat and the former head of the OSCE mission in Belarus, as saying.  Wieck brought an example of Iran where in 1974 Siemens won a tender to build a nuclear station and it was nearly finished four years later. After the Islamic revolution, the German company was thrown out of Iran. The construction was taken over by the Soviet Union in 1984 and later by the Russian Federation. The construction has not been finished yet.

Wieck made this statement during the debate titled "The Signs of Changes in Belarus: The Evaluation of Recent Developments in and outside Belarus" in June 10 in Berlin.

Two diplomats from the Belarusian embassy in Berlin also attended the debate but did not speak during the meeting.