French PM: More terror attacks prepared in Europe

Прэм'ер Францыі папярэдзіў, што баевікі рыхтуюць новыя тэракты ў Еўропе

Militants of the so-called Islamic State are preparing new terror attacks in Europe, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls told RTL. Militants are preparing to attack France and other European countries, he said.

I do not want to frighten people, but they should be prepared, Valls said. Europeans will be facing the terrorism threat for a long time, RBK quotes the French head of government as saying.


The security services knew about the preparation for terror acts and have prevented several attacks since the summer, the French PM said. The last Friday terror attacks in Paris had been prepared in Syria, Valls noted. France is now at war with IS, he claimed.

The French police carried out raids all over the country on Monday. Abdelhamid Abaud, 27, is suspected of organizing the terrorist acts in Paris. He is one of the most active militants of the Islamic State in Syria. Abaud lives in Brussels District Meulenbeek, mass media reported.

Photo: Reuters