Former security officer who participated in repressions found in Lithuania

Vilnius /

Vilnius / /

The Association of Belarusian Security Forces BELPOL has found a former Belarusian policeman in Lithuania who participated in the repressions in Belarus in 2020. According to @belpol, police major Aliaksandr Matsiyevich came to the EU country with his wife and works as a window fitter.

Matsiyevich was born in Dzyatlau and is 33 years old. He had been working in the Ministry of Internal Affairs since 2010, serving in the Lida district department of internal affairs. It is alleged that in 2020 he actively participated in repressions against civilians and was even a "victim" in a criminal case related to the protests and involving a girl later recognized as a political prisoner. She allegedly hit two policemen, including major Aliaksandr Matsiyevich (he complained that his shoulder strap was torn off and that he was "pulled by the card" and caused "physical pain and suffering"). In fact, the girl did not allow the police to arrest the demonstrators near the church.

BELPOL will hand over the material found on the Belarusian to the Lithuanian authorities and hopes that he will be deported.

У Літве знайшлі сілавіка, які ў 2020-м удзельнічаў у рэпрэсіях у Беларусі

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