Famous film director Eldar Ryazanov dies at 88

Памёр знакаміты рэжысёр Эльдар Разанаў

Famous Soviet and Russian film director Eldar Ryazanov has died in Moscow at the age of 88. Ryazanov was seriously ill and was taken to hospital many times in his last year. The film director had been undergoing a medical check-up in one of Moscow hospitals since November 21, RIA Novosti reports.

Eldar Ryazanov made such films as Office Romance, Beware of the Car, The Irony of Fate, The Garage, Station for Two, Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia and others. He was a film director, screenwriter, actor and television anchorman. Ryazanov is also known as a writer, poet and playwright. He was a People's Artist of the USSR. See here for his detailed biography.


Photo: ria.ru