Ex-headmaster of Belarusian language grammar school #4 to stand trial in Minsk

У Мінску пачнецца суд над былым дырэктарам беларускамоўнай гімназіі № 4

Ex-headmaster of Belarusian language grammar school #4 Yury Bandarenka will stand trial on charges of bribe-taking in Minsk on November 11. He accepted $500 for accepting a child to the grammar school in august. Policemen registered the violation.

The case will be considered in Minsk Frunze District Court at 4 p.m.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka awarded Yury Bandarenka with Francis Skaryna order in May 2016. He was one of 42 ‘honoured people’ rewarded for their work and achievements. Furthermore, Lukashenka praised Bandarenka for ‘the right democracy’.

Ex-head master of Russian language school #38, BRSM functionary and official Andrei Hotsman has been appointed headmaster of grammar school #4.