Entrepreneurs threaten with mass withdrawal from business

The Hotel Belarus in Minsk is hosting the national forum of entrepreneurs titled "Goals and Objectives for Small Business in Belarus." It brought together more than 400 small entrepreneurs from all over Belarus. There are also representatives of the authorities - the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Taxes and Duties.

The representative of the Ministry of Trade said that the state will not prolong term for the sale of goods without certificates. Earlier, Ministry of Trade proposed to extend the deadline for the disposal of goods without certificates required by the decree 222.

Syarhei Filipau from Babruisk said that 70% of entrepreneurs of this city are going to leave the business and close sales outlets.

Filipau: "I did a survey among entrepreneurs: 70% of them are going to leave the business for two reasons - high rent of the outlets, and the second reason - many entrepreneurs have 90% of the unsold goods which have to go until March 1, 2015, when it will no longer be allowed to work without documents. People cannot buy all the stuff, because people are impoverished, they have no money."

Photos - svaboda.org