Entrepreneurs' leader: Nothing to change for buyers at markets since Dec 1

One month ago, Deputy PM Pyotr Prakapovich stated that individual entrepreneurs should work according to the new rules and use the Customs Union's technical regulations since December 1, 2013. Previously, the new regulations were expected to come into force since July 1, 2014.

In November, Prakapovich held another consultative session and conformed the date - December 1. He also stated that individual entrepreneurs could buy goods at the wholesale bases in Belarus, which will receive production from the manufacturers directly. The entrepreneurs threatened with a strike in response. 

Two days before the supposed innovation, entrepreneurs' leader Anatol Shumchanka says there will be no changes.

Shumchanka: "If nothing changes today, then the situation will be the same since December 1 either. According to our information, what Prakapovich said would not happen on December 1. Officials of the Economy Ministry and the State Standard say so. Everything will stay the same, the customers will buy goods at the market like they did in November and October."

According to Shumchanka, changes may be expected only since the New Year.

Photo - minsknews.by