Entrepreneurs allowed to raise prices of imported goods

Вытворцы павінны прымяняць такі самы механізм коштаўтварэння, як і імпарцёры, але адпускная цана на тавар можа павялічвацца толькі ў частцы яе імпартнага складніка.

Ministry of Commerce gave an explanation to businessmen on the mechanism of price formation for imported goods. As Deputy Minister of Trade, Iryna Narkevich, told naviny.by, the  recommended price regulations were published by the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Economy on January 15.

According to the recommendations, the imported goods purchased after December 18, 2014, can have their selling price increased by no more than the percentage change of the Belarusian ruble to the currency exchange rate on the date of the contract registration, reduced by 5%.

For example, if the importer brought goods on January 19, when the dollar cost officially 14,880 rubles, and pre-delivery of goods was made on January 1, when the official rate was 11,900, the importer may increase the selling price of the goods by not more than 23.75%. If the time between the new and preliminary delivery is only a couple of days, the selling price may be increased by a smaller percentage.

In this case, the return on sales should not exceed 3%. Restrictions on profitability are introduced so that importers do not work to the maximum, setting  marginal prices and additional risks, said the head of the Economics and Trade Ministry of Finance Pavel Filipau.
Manufacturers must use the same pricing mechanism, as importers, but the selling price of a product can be increased only in terms of their import content.