Editor-in-chief of Autoradio Yury Bazan dies

Памёр галоўны рэдактар Аўтарадыё Юрый Базан

Founder and editor-in-chief of Autoradio Yury Bazan died on September 24. He was 53, his deputy Iryna Barysenka wrote on Facebook:


"It is a tragedy. The founder of private radio broadcasting in Belarus has passed away. Bazan Yury Mikalayevich has died.”


The cause of death has not been reported. The funeral is appointed for September 27.


Autoradio started broadcasting in 1992. It got the frequency 105.1 FM in 2001 and gained popularity as the only radio station broadcasting Belarusian music including the forbidden bands like N.R.M., Krambambulya, Lyapis Trubetskoi,  Neuro Dubel, Krama and others.


Autoradio and Euroradio launched the joint project EuroZOOM in 2009. The Ministry of Information pronounced a warning to Autoradio for ‘violating the broadcast concept’ after that. The project had to be suspended because Autoradio could to be deprived of its license and frequency.

Autoradio was closed in 2011. It was accused of distributing extremist information. The authorities reacted to presidential candidate Andrei Sannikau’s agitation that way. He said that the country’s future had to be decided ‘in the square instead of the kitchen’. Autoradio did not mange to appeal the court’s decision.


Euroradio condoles with Yury Bazan’s relatives and friends.