21 doctors stand mass trial in Belarus


One more ‘doctors’ trial’ started in Minsk on August 19. This is a mass trial since there are 21 defendants., includihng  8 former Healthcare Ministry officials, Radio Liberty reports.

The defendants are accused of taking bribes ranging from 50 to 50 thousand euros. Almost all of them have pled guilty. Director of the Centre of Expertise and Testing Alyaksandr Stalyarou has refuted the information about taking bribes systematically (the money was meant to accelerate the registrations of medicines). He has also disagreed with the sums mentioned by the prosecutor.

Director of “Geol-M” Uladzimir Ladutska is accused of giving bribes to the administration of the Centre of Expertise and Testing. He has pled guilty. Director of “Iskamed” Syarhei Shakutsin (brother of well-known businessman Alyaksandr Shakutsin who attended the trial and announced that he did not believe that his brother was guilty) is also accused of bribe-giving.


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