Disabled people march in Minsk against election fraud and violence

"March of the (dis)abled" in Minsk / Euroradio

"March of (dis)abled people" took place on October 15 in Minsk.

Participants of the rally protested against lawlessness in the country and violence on the part of security forces. The site near the Red Church on Independence Square has already become a traditional gathering place.

The artist and designer Alyaksandra Hushcha, a participant of the Saturday Women's March and Sunday rallies, also came to the "March of the (dis)abled".

"I thought it was a great idea to gather a march of people with disabilities. Because we are a social group, which due to circumstances remains on the shore of political and social events. I think this is a very important event," she said in a comment to Euroradio.

Alyaksandra was detained during previous women's marches, but she still comes to all the rallies. "Right after the detention, I felt very bad. But then I went to the Sunday march and met some friends there. I understood that I was doing the right thing and it made me feel better," she said.

The protests in Belarus have been taking place for the third month already. Their participants are against election fraud and unjustified police violence.

"March of the (dis)abled" in Minsk / Euroradio
"March of the (dis)abled" in Minsk / Euroradio