Deputies want to join Parliament to prevent return of benefits

A deputy of the House of Representatives Aleh Vyalichka promises to monitor the work of the executive power if he is elected to the Parliament. Larysa Vershalovich promises to support laws aimed at attracting investments. Syarhei Kastsyan promises to build 15 kilometers of tram-lines. Alyaksandr Hudkou – to provide everyone with placement and social guarantees.
ERB has already informed about the goals of a joiner, a driver, a kindergarten nurse and a district police officer. If they are elected, they will try to abolish the law “On benefits”, protect contract workers from the decree of the Council of Ministers concerning them, make laws function and make the police protect the people. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the work of current deputies of the House of Representatives. ERB decided to find out what were the promises of current deputies who were going to take part in the elections again.

A deputy Aleh Vyalichka will look for support among electors from Western Brest constituency #1. According to him, the main motto he is going to present to electors this year will be: “People’s health is the main value of the state”. However, the deputy understands that a motto is not enough to be elected. He has prepared more concrete and intelligible promises.

Aleh Vyalіchka: “I was proposed by the staff of “Emergency Hospital”. A surgery and modern operating-rooms were constructed there in the past few years. The construction of one more out-house will start today. There will be a reception room, a rontgenologic department and other rooms there. I think it will be one of the paragraphs of my programme. There will be other healthcare institutions – a children’s polyclinic #1, an emergency hospital. I will pay my attention to these objects in the first place because I originate from this system”.

The deputy confessed that he had not initiated the changes – the plans had existed for a long time. His goal is to make the executive power fulfill the plans as soon as possible.

A deputy of the House of Representatives Larysa Vershalovich promised her electrors from Luninetsk constituency #1 to finish the construction of the district hospital. The hospital was built and the deputy is going to start dealing with global issues like law-making instead of solving district problems.

Larysa Vershalovіch: “My programme will include a promise to support laws aimed at attracting investments to our country. These are social programmes aimed at supporting young families, mothers’ health, protecting children’s rights, veterans, the handicapped and people who deserve special attention from the state”.

Furthermore, the deputy promises to pay attention to problems of medium and small-scale business and to the problem of healthcare in villages”.

A deputy Syarhei Kastsyan will try to attract electors from Mazyr District, Palesse constituency #43. However, he confessed to ERB that he did not have an election programme of his own.

Syarhei Kastsyan: “I do not have an election programme of my own. There the President’s programme approved at the all-Belarusian meeting and there is the programme of my party - the Communist Party of Belarus. Both programmes are identical and they are aimed at supporting a higher standard of life of the Belarusian people so I support both programmes and will use them”.

Kastsyan promises to build 87 kilometers of railway from the village of Rushkevichy to Mazyr and 15 kilometers of tram-lie from Mazyr to Naroulya, to build a stadium in Yelsk and to finish the construction of a cement works in Mazyr District.

A deputy Alyaksandr Hudkou is collecting signatures in his support in Vitsebsk-Chkalau constituency #18. According to him, he will emphasize the economy in his election programme.

Alyaksandr Hudkou: “I will promise to provide people with decent placement, to add work to the extra cost so that we could provide elderly people, the budget and mothers. The position of Belarus will remain neutral, not a single Belarusian soldier will leave the territory of the country. The only exception may be a case when our plane is captured by terrorists and the President and the parliament decide to send professionals there. We will support medium and small-scale business and promote the development of “medium” enterprises”.

The deputy reminded that he had been in Afghanistan and had served in airborne troops for more than 20 years. That is why he would specify the status of international soldiers. He says that the current status seems “vague”. However, it turned out that the statement had nothing to do with returning benefits to Afghan veterans.

Alyaksandr Hudkou: “Benefits are a road to nowhere. Social guarantees should be available to any person who has served to the state. Such people should be able to recover their health and to feel sure that his family will not live rough”.

So it turns out that the majority of deputy contenders promise electros to solve local problems. But does the House of Representatives have to deal with such problems?  Local legislative and executive powers deal with it all over the world. Why do we need local authorities if they are not able to do it?