Culture minister Pavel Latushka eyes dismissal of Uladzimir Zametalin?

Belarusfilm executive director Uladzimir Zametalin is likely to resign, the European Radio for Belarus has learned. Relevant papers were allegedly tabled for approval at the Council of Ministers, and decision can be taken shortly. However, this information is yet to be confirmed by either the Minister of Culture, the Council of Ministers or Belarusfilm.

Meanwhile, film director Yury Harulyou told the European Radio for Belarus that he yesterday met Uladzimir Zamyatalin walking out of the studio and the latter seemed to be extremely deep in his thoughts.

Yury Harulyou:
“He was walking very slowly and seemed very deep in his thoughts!”

Uladzimir Zametalin was "very busy" and was not available for an interview.

At the same time, Belarusfilm spokesperson Valiantsina Belyakova assured the European Radio for Belarus that if new appointments are to be made, they will not affect the top management of the film studio.

However, she admitted that rumors about a possible dismissal of Zametalin from the post of Belarusfilm executive director reached her as well, but she declined to comment on the situation.

Zametalin began as a Soviat political military officer and also served as the head of the press department at the Office of the President and as a deputy head of staff at the Office of the President. He also chaired the State Committee for the Press. He has worked as Belarusfilm executive director since December 2006.

On October 29, Alexander Lukashenka met Uladzimir Zametalin and reminded him that when he had appointed him as Belarusfilm executive director, the task was to make our cinema industry self-sufficient. Apparently, he has failed to complete this task. But one should not rule out that new culture minister Pavel Latushka has other problems with Belarusfilm executive director.