Court in Homel upholds student's eviction, military recruitment

Homel's Central District Court today rejected a complaint from the mother of Zmitser Zhaleznichenka, a local youth activist who was evicted from the university and immediately drafted by the Army. According to Ala Zhaleznichenka, the mother, the court had no grounds to reject her complaint.

“A student cannot be expelled during vacations, under the law. The day of January 22 when the university chancellor signed the eviction order was the day of vacations. When administrative offense protocols were drawn against him, Zmitser had not been a student at all. By that moment, he had been expelled. He was reinstated afterwards. Under the Labor Code, people cannot be expelled for an administrative offense not associated with his main profession or activity," she said.

Zmitser Zhaleznichenka was expelled for the second time, because he had allegedly been arrested for swearing in public. However, when he was serving his term, Zhaleznichenka had already been expelled. Later, the city court ruled that the university restore Zmitser as a student. After he was reinstated, he was expelled again and immediately recruited by the Army.