Cigarettes worth $ 1 million found in train from Belarus

Smuggled cigarettes in a freight train /

Smuggled cigarettes in a freight train / /

Cigarettes worth $ 1 million were found in Poland in a train with fertilizers from Belarus, reports The incident took place on February 23 in Malaszewicze. There, a freight train was checked with the help of X-rays. One of the wagons, containing cargo from Brest for a Polish company, aroused suspicion. That's where the contraband was found. It should be noted that this is the largest consignment of smuggled cigarettes found at the border of the Lubelskie voivodeship this year.

Recently, Polish media reported that cigarette smuggling from Belarus to Poland increased by 1000% last year.

У Польшчы ў цягніку з угнаеннямі з Беларусі знайшлі цыгарэты на $1 млн

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