Chavez counts on Belarus in opposition to US

Belarus and Venezuela will develop cooperation in the energy and industry sectors, according to the agreements reached during Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez's visit to Minsk. Belarus and Venezuela have signed a memorandum of understanding between the Belarusian energy ministry and Venezuela's ministry of energy and oil on cooperation in the energy field.

The sides also reached a deal on the exports of the Belarusian trucks and agricultural machinery to Venezuela.

Alexander Lukashenka said that during Chavez's visit the sides resolved all the problems in order to boost further cooperation in all the fields. The Belarus leader said he would visit Venezuela in early 2010.

In return, Hugo Chavez noted that he regarded the cooperation with Belarus as part of his opposition to the United States, because "only one empire and its allies rule the world today". He described Belarus as 'a moral polar' in this opposition.