Charnyauski: Resuming works in Bulbash-Hall is illegal

The construction of the entertainment centre near the burial place of victims of mass political repressions was stopped after public protests and the interference of the Prosecutor General's Office last year.

However, the works have been resumed, Radio Liberty reports. The territory is being paved, trees are being planted and a new tinted fence is being built there. “It is happening regardless of the order to stop the construction until May 1 when Minsk Executive Committee will have to present a new project,” Hanna Shaputska, coordinator of the initiative To Save Kurapaty Memorial, said. Kurapaty is covered with rubbish near Bulbash-Hall, she noted.

 Head of the historical legacy protection and restoration department of the Ministry of Culture Ihar Charnyauski has commented on the situation:

"We will be able to say what is going on when we receive the project documents they had to prepare. They have not presented any documents yet. If works have been started there, it is a violation of the law. They must obey the order of the Ministry of Culture.”

However, Charnyauski does not know when he will be able to visit the construction site.