CEC noticed no drawbacks in election process


Election commissions received nearly 120 complaints about the local election. But they are unlikely to affect the election results, Lidziya Yarmoshyna said at a press conference on March 28.

Yarmoshyna: “The majority of those who are complaining are not candidates but their trustees and observers – those who were present at polling stations. There were no major drawbacks that could affect the election results.”

According to the legislation, candidates should appeal election results. However, there are hardly any complaints lodged by candidates. Furthermore, the Central Election Committee rarely participates in the consideration of such appeals, Yarmoshyna said. They are received by commissions that registered candidates and can be sent to a higher commission if candidates are not satisfied with the decisions of their election commission.  This decision will be final. Nevertheless, the CEC chairperson promised to study all the complaints even if they were lodged by trustees and observers.

The local election was held on March 23. 77.4% of electors took part in it and 32% voted early. 1 MP and 18809 deputies were elected.