CEC explains why 9700 votes were added in Minsk

У ЦВК патлумачылі, чаму ў Мінску дадалі 9700 выбаршчыкаў, якія прагаласавалі

The Central Election Commission corrected the preliminary election results on October 15. The turnout and the results were changed. The changes have affected Brest Province and Minsk, Euroradio noticed.

9700 voters have appeared in Minsk Lenin District. Tatstsyana Karatkevich got 1400 more votes thanks to it. He result is 8.24% in this district now (her best result in Minsk). Alyaksandr Lukashenka got 7509 more votes, Syarhei Haidukevich got 157 more and Mikalai Ulahovich’s result has increased by less than a hundred votes. The number of people who had chosen none of the above increased by 474.

Euroradio has asked the CEC why the election results were corrected in Minsk Lenin District.


Lenin District election committee member: “The foreign vote has been added and the numbers have changed.”

11 545 Belarusians live abroad, Euroradio reported earlier. Only 9715 of them voted. 2834 or 29.17% of them voted early.

Photo: BELTA

Як паведамляла Еўрарадыё, па звестках Цэнтрвыбаркама, за мяжой пражывае 11 545 беларусаў, але прагаласавала толькі 9 715, з іх датэрмінова — 2834, або 29,17%.

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