Cases about arsons in Vaukavysk and grenade cup discharge may be united

Investigators of the case of Vaukavysk entrepreneurs Mikalai Authovich, Yury Lyavonau and Uladzimir Asipenka are considering the possibility of uniting two criminal cases: the case about arsons the entrepreneurs were accused of on February 18 and the case about a grenade cup discharge found in Vaukavysk. A lawyer Aleh Volchak who met the imprisoned yesterday has informed ERB about it. The investigator of the case Vital Kuharchyk has interrogated the entrepreneurs about a grenade cup discharge found not far from the “Volmed” plant in Vaukavysk.

Aleh Volchak said: “He will decide whether to prolong the term of detention and whether to unite their case with the case concerning the grenade cup discharge in the office of the public prosecutor today”.

Let us remind you that Autuhovich, Lyavonau and Asipenka were detained in February and have been imprisoned in Minsk confinement cell since then. Mikalai Autuhovich has been on a protest hunger strike since April 16. The entrepreneur has lost almost 15 kilos during a month and a half of starvation.