BT: Hurkou with Pahonya and state flag looked normal

На БТ выгляд Гуркова з Пагоняй і дзяржаўным сцягам назвалі арганічным

Dmitry Bachkou, presenter of the programme Forum on Belarus-1, tried to find out what the national Belarusian idea is and how important it is in the epoch of globalization. The programme was shown on TV on June 13. Representatives of the authorities and opposition took part in the discussion: Ryhor Kastusyou, Andrei Dzmitryyeu, Aleh Haidukevich, rector of the Academy of Music Katsyaryna Dulava, political scientist Vadzim Baravik, historian Ihar Marzalyuk, businessman Alyaksandr Knyrovich, MP Dzmitry Shautsou, economist Yaraslau Ramanchuk and others.


Dzmitry Bachkou mentioned sportsman and musician Vital Hurkou during the discussion: he had also been invited but could not come because he was on tour with the band Brutto. Hurkou won the Muaythai World Championships 2016 and received his medal in a Pahonya T-shirt and a red-green flag on his shoulders.

"It looked absolutely normal for some reason,” the presenter noted. Rector of the Academy of Music Katsyaryna Dulava supported him:

"...Everything is valuable, Dzmitry. Pahonya here, the state flag there – it all means that the person perceives his country’s history in a solid way.”