Vital Hurkou

Belarusian Muay Thai kickboxer Vital Hurkou wrote on social media about his latest victory.
"It means that the man perceives his country’s history in a solid way,” the rector of the Academy of Music said.
There were many obstacles and difficulties on his way to victory, the sportsman said.
Belarus' Vital Hurkou beats Thailand's Ekapan Sambaansab to claim victory at Muay Thai World Championship.
Four more Belarusians will compete for gold medals together with the ‘people’s’ champion.
Crowdfunding was not necessary to collect money for Vital Hurkou for his Muay Thai world championship, says Sports Minister.
Ten-time Thai boxing champion Vital Hurkou is in training before the world championship in Sweden.
Belarus is known by this flag on the international arena. I did not renounce it," says Vital Hurkou about the Soviet-style flag.
The People’s Champion campaign collects Br68.2 million via website within less than 24 hours.