BSB Bank: Changes not restrictions but technical difficulties

БСБ Банк: Гэта не абмежаванні на продаж валюты, а тэхнічныя складанасці

On January 14, the BSB Bank customers faced with the difficulties: it was impossible to transfer more than 50 USD from ruble cards to the foreign currency card account. It was also impossible to withdraw money from the ATM from the dollar and the ruble card. The restrictions were active in the afternoon and in the evening, and the bank's employees confirmed the restrictions.

BSB Bank employee: "There is a limit: $50 per day. Withdrawal from the foreign currency card account was also suspended. The restrictions are indefinite."

But on the morning of January 15 the call-center reported that "this is not the limit, but technical difficulties."

The call center employee: "There were no restrictions introduced. These were technical problems. Now there are no restrictions."

As Euroradio made sure, restrictions have been in fact lifted.