BNF party may lose legendary “Headquarters”

The organization will have to pay about 5 thousand dollars a month for its office in the centre of Minsk. The rent used to be 10 times cheaper – 500 dollars.
The BNF party is looking for money to prolong the term of lease.

The deputy head of the party Victar Ivashkevich does not think that the situation is tragic because people are more important for the party than the office:

Іvashkevіch: “We will continue working without the office if we do not find more money! It does not mean that BNF will be liquidated: BNF is people”.

At the same time, Vicat Ivashkevich did not confirm the rumour that there were some other parties wishing to settle in the headquarters of BNF in Masherov Street, 8. He claimed he did not know anything about such intentions.

Photo by: Radio Liberty