Best tattoo artists chosen in Minsk (photo, video)

On December 14, the club Re:Public hosted the first Belarusian Tatoo Fest. The best tattoo artists were chosen by 7 professional members of the jury, as well as the viewers of the festival's webpages in the social networks. Apart from that, everyone could get a temporary alcanna tattoo, or change one's looks with the help of professional stylists, watch the process of body-art creation and win the audience's choice awards for their tattoos, during the event.

"I was surprised with such quantity of really good works," jury member Ala Ramazanava writes after the fest. "It was a real competition! The only thing is that there wasn't enough places to award more people. Yury Railchanka made a very good ornamental tattoo, and there were at least two more Japanese tattoo works that were as great as the winner's. However, it is the artists' fault also - they should have picked the nomination more accurately and registered on time!"

Krama performs

Professional equipment was also sold at the fest

The jury looked at the contenders while Krama played

The audience choice award laureates, best male tattoo

Tattoo artists contest: they drew their vision of love in 30 minutes

 Faction perform

Mikhei Nasarohau unexpectedly seemed the most calm and quiet performer

Winner of Euroradio's contest for the best national tattoo (in the left)


Japanese art Shibari

Jury members council

Battle tattoos (contest for Wargaming prizes)

Stylists at work


The bands :B:N:, Yellow Brick Road, The Conspirators, Krama and Mikhei Nasarohau played for the public. Apart from that, there were performances by the go-go-girls Diva Show, beat band Faction and the Japanese art Shibari.

"About 150 artists and all tattoo salons participated in the internet voting," comments organizer of the festival Ales Tabolich. "We also took into consideration such criteria as design, equipment, quality and everything that should be in such salons."

The results of the preliminary internet voting:

  • Best tattoo artist over 30 - Yura Brestski
  • Best tattoo artist under 30 - Maxim Melnik
  • Nomination "Traditional" - Dzmitry Aleksievich
  • Nomination "Japan" - Aliaksei Zbitneu
  • Nomination "Ornamental tattoo" - Kanstantsin Halauko
  • Nomination "Big colour tattoo" - Maxim Katsuba
  • Nomination "Small colour tattoo" - Mikalai Losik
  • Nomination "Big black-and-white tattoo" - Aliaksei Zhuk
  • Nomination "Small black-and-white tattoo" - Maxim Melnik
  • Nomination "Miniature" - Aliaksei Samailovich
  • Nomination "Realism" -  Maxim Melnik
  • Nomination "Portrait" - Uladzimir Zyanevich

The best tattoo salon - "U Lisitsy".

Euroradio's listeners picked the best national tattoo among the works sent to the contest - "Chaser" by the artist MMMM Max.

During the festival itself, the jury voted as follows:

  • Nomination "Traditional" - Xenia Vaskresenskaya
  • Nomination "Japan" - Aliaksei Sbitneu
  • Nomination "Ornamental tattoo" - Artsyom Joker
  • Nomination "Big colour tattoo" - Tasha Ivanova
  • Nomination "Small colour tattoo" - Yauhen Bumer
  • Nomination "Big black-and-white tattoo" - Aliaksei Zhuk
  • Nomination "Small black-and-white tattoo" - Kiryl Patsekhin
  • Nomination "Miniature" - Julia Pipetka
  • Nomination "Realism" -  Jan Wilks
  • Nomination "Portrait" - Suarhei Kantsavy

More pictures from the Tatoo Fest 2013 are available on FB and VK