BelAZ and Gomselmash to shut down along with MAZ

Апроч МАЗа, на вакацыі пойдуць "БЕЛАЗ" і "Гомсельмаш"

The Minsk Automobile Plant and the BelavtoMAZ holding companies will shut down operations for almost two weeks: from 25 December to 11 January. The Baranavichy and Asipovichy plants will follow suit.

According to the workers, they will be given only five hundred thousand rubles  of the energy savings, Radio Liberty reports. However, the operations will stop not only at the Minsk based  Automobile Plant.

From December 31 to January 10, BelAZ employees will also be out of emplyment, said an HR manager. But the terms on which workers will not be employed are not disclosed.

Majority of Gomselmash workers will also go on 'vacation'. They will be resting from December 28 to January 11, while maintaining two-thirds of the salary.

"This is a provision of leave with partial pay in the amount of two thirds of the basic salary on the initiative of the employer," the company reported.

But some departments will work. For example, the marketing department, which is logical.

The Minsk Tractor Plant management has not yet decided whether to let workers go on vacation.

"It is currently being discussed at the meeting, we will release the information tomorrow," answered the person at the tractor plant.

The Bearing Plant and the Barysau "Avtogydrousilitel" will also be partially out of operation, says the chairman of the Free Trade Union of Metalworkers Aliaksandr Bukhvostau:

"Some departments there have work, so they will work. Besides, if the MAZ is shutting down, then all the metal parts plants will also stop. For example, the Barysau plant. The main conveyor will stop anyway."

The usual schedule of public holiday will be observed at "Integral", "Kamvol", oil refineries and mining enterprises.