Belarusians develop sex apps for Android

The other applications made by the Belarusian company Mobile KISS have even more expressive names: CunniMaster, Love Fingers and Audio Pickup.  The company specializes in developing mobile applications.

Mobile KISS content director Ales Krasko told Euroradio:

“We are using a pickup forum with some friends regularly. The visitors often ask: what should we talk about with girls? We decided to help them and made our first application – Pickup Master. Naturally, there are no phrases that can make you win a girl’s attention right away. But we can help people make the conversation more interesting.”

Pickup Master has been downloaded from Google Play over 50 thousand times since December 29. People from all over the world are using it but most users are from Russia and Kazakhstan. It does not mean that Belarusians are sexually restricted – we are just few, Ales Krasko thinks.

The last application made by Mobile KISS was out a week ago. It is called CunniMaster and is aimed at helping young men get better at cunnilingus. However, there are less than 500 downloads. There is nothing to be done – not every date ends in bed even if pickup masters are helping you.