Belarusian political prisoner jailed for 3 years in Poland

The sentence is scandalous, the political refugee told Euroradio.

Andrei Zhukavets: “The Belarusian investigators did everything right, the judge said. The evidence was not false… Do you know what he said pronouncing the sentence? Belarusians should know that there is no reason fleeing to Poland.”

The time limitation for the charges is over in Belarus, Zhukavets noted. But the judge did not take it into account. Białystok Court was biased and the Belarusian authorities exercised influence on it, the political refugee thinks.

Zhukavets case was started 14 years ago. The entrepreneur helped the Young Front and had to emigrate. The Belarusian authorities accused him of financial machinations. Zhukavets’ defense has pointed at facts of forgery of Belarusian documents many times.