Belarusian pensioner throws paint into Lenin Mausoleum

Беларускі пенсіянер кінуў у маўзалей Леніна бутэльку з фарбай

An elderly man has been arrested by the police in Moscow's Red Square. He threw a half-liter bottle with green paint in the Lenin Mausoleum. The entrance on the left side was covered with paint.

According to, the incident happened about 14:00 hours on Sunday. The perpetrator was a 78-year-old native of Belarus who lives in Moscow.

The retired man refused to explain to the police his actions. He demanded the presence of journalists and representatives of the Russian presidential administration. The detained man was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital in Moscow.

It is reported that the man had been in a long-term litigation with the company, which refused to compensate him for the installation of water meters, as well as the high cost of housing and communal services.

He has lost multiple times in court. Perhaps this prompted him to act in Moscow.