Belarusian opposition takes part in Euronest

A meeting of the Euronest Bureau will be held on March 31 and the working group on Belarus will gather on April 1, BelaPAN reports.

The BPF Party, Movement For Freedom, United Civil Party, campaign Tell the Truth, steering committee for the creation of the Belarusian Christian Democracy and the Belarusian Party of the Left Fair World will take part in the meeting of the working group.

A special hearing dedicated to the Belarusian issue will be held by experts and members of the European Parliament. They will discuss the political and economic situation in Belarus and the country’s external economic relations with other states.

 A working group on Belarus will gather after the hearing. It will discuss ‘a wide range of issues of Belarus-Europe cooperation in the Eastern Partnership and the development of political processes in Belarus’.

 Euronest is the parliamentary component of the Eastern Partnership. The official Belarusian delegation  is not taking part in the work of Euronest.