Belarusian Mikhail Zhyzneuski died during Maidan defence in Kyiv 5 years ago

Belarusian citizen Mikhail Zhyzneuski died during the defense of the Maidan revolution in Kyiv five years ago. He was one of the first people killed during the Ukrainian revolution. Protesters and the riot police clashed in Grushevski Street on January 22, 2014. It is still not clear who killed Zhyzneuski – the bullet got into his heart. The young man did not live only 4 days to his 26th birthday.

Mihail Zhyzneuski was protecting himself from rubber bullets with a wooden shield when he collapsed all of a sudden, his friends said. He was killed by the riot police, they believe. Kiev bade farewell to Zhyzneuski. Mihail became a Hero of Ukraine in June 2017. He was buried in the village Stsyah Pratsy, Homel Region.