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Belarusian internal troops fire at railroad partisans

Soldiers of the internal troops of the Interior Ministry of Belarus / sample photo

On March 30, internal troops opened fire on a group of partisans found near the railroad. However, the latter managed to escape, railway workers say.

The incident happened near the Babina bus stop in the Babruisk district (Asipovichy - Zhlobin section). There, the participants of the "rail war" opened two relay cabinets. They managed to set one of them on fire. Right at this time, a group of soldiers who were in the woods and were to guard the said equipment opened fire with combat weapons. However, the partisans were unharmed and escaped.

The special forces began guarding railroad equipment in Belarus after the "rail war" started. Partisans hinder the movement of trains with Russian military equipment. The latest diversions took place near Barysau and Asipovichy.


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