Belarusian fan to make a computer game for “Crematorium”

A Belarusian fan of a Russian rock band “Crematorium” designed their latest album, wrote a scenario for a computer game based on the band’s lyrics and is working on the game’s graphics at the moment. A Belarusian fan designed the new album of a Russian rock band “Crematorium” – “Amsterdam”. He worked together with such people as a disciple of Tsihan Hrenikov – composer Oleg Troyanoskii, the violinist from “King and Jester” Dmitry “Casper” Rishko, a duet of singers of Russian folk songs and many other musicians.

The public relations specialist of “Crematorium” Darya Shatalova told ERB that the musicians noticed young and talented Kanstantsin Shatalau (also known as Elvis Vayaunichy) long ago but they have understood how to use his abilities only now:

Darya Shatalova: «He is a very creative guy. We were offered a designer when it came to issuing our new album. But we did not like him. Then it was all about intuition. I am glad it turned out like that because even Moscow musical critics liked the style. Elvis did an excellent job!”

Darya added that “Elvis” did not only understand everything they wanted, he also accepted Armen’s Hryharan’s (“the leader of “”Crematorium”) advice in an adequate way and did everything on time.

Kanstantsin “Elvis” Aleinikau said that he had participated in many contests organized by the band. A series of his pictures for one of “Crematorium”’s songs was presented to the public in the Central Palace of Artists when a personal exposition of Hryharan’s paintings was organized there.

The creation of the design of “Amsterdam” was the first example of cooperation of Kanstantsin and the Russian rock band. But it was not the last one. “Elvis Vayaunichy” said he had written a scenario of a computer game connected with “Crematorium”’s lyrics and that he would be making all the graphics:

Kanstantsіn Aleinіkau: “The game is being prepared; I’m going to work on it thoroughly. I have bought a computer pad because I used to draw with a mouse and it was not convenient. I sent them the scenario about a year ago and they liked the plot. But it was more of a draft and I will surely correct something”.

The band’s public relations specialist Darya Shatalova told ERB that the idea of making a game appeared about 18 months ago. Now it is being worked out. The plot will be based on stories of heroes of “Crematorium”’s songs who have already become something mythological:

Darya Shatalova: “The lyrics of many bands are all about “I love you and you don’t love me” or vice versa. However, “Crematorium’s” heroes are somewhat mythological –Tanyas, Elsas and Habibulins.  That is why we thought of making a scenario for a compute game where you could find all those heroes. Let their adventures resemble musical fairy tales and something new”.

Interestingly, Kanstanstin Aleinikau does not have a degree in arts and the cooperation was rather unexpected for him. He has never tried drawing anything for other rock stars because he thinks that one has to know a lot about the band to create something worthy:

Kanstantsіn Aleinіkau: “You have to love the band and understand its creative work because if you simply get orders it becomes routine. Armen Hryharan said in some interview that he had chosen me because I had been listening to the band for many years and knew all the heroes”.

Kanstantsin added that he designed the album just for fun and not to get paid for it. Furthermore, “Crematorium” had helped him to get train tickets and tickets for concerts many times. He did not deny the fact that they helped him at that time too.

Let me add that the first serious presentation of the new disc and concert programme “A travel to Amsterdam” took place in Kiev on March 30.  Musicians chose the Ukrainian capital to thank local fans for active participation in the creation of a video “Amsterdam”.

The presentation of the album in Moscow will be organized on April 25.

Photo by: (drawing from the album)