Belarusian ethnic dances showcased in Hrodna shopping mall - in pictures

Беларускія этна-танцы прайшлі ў гандлёвым цэнтры ў Гродне

The action ‘Ethnic Dances with Belarusian Girls’ was held in the shopping centre OldCity in Hrodna. Participants of the contest Hrodna Belasrauin-2016 wearing national dresses and student of folklore Anton Yankouski performed there.


“We danced a great number of dances: Yablochko, Lysy, Krakavyak, Polka, Cracovienne, etc.” Yankouski explained. “We discovered some dances during our expeditions in Hrodna Province and Navahrudak District. Other dances can be seen all over Belarus and they are popular: you can dance them in Minsk Province, in Mahilyou Province and in western Belarus.”


Visitors liked the performance, they started dancing and making photos and videos of the event.


The most active dancers were invited to the 10th city folk contest Hrodna Belarusian-2016. It will be held in Hrodna Yanka Kupala University on April 23.