A Belarusian delegation was expected in Krasnodar but only one person arrived

Representatives of 10 leading Belarusian enterprises were supposed to visit Krasnodar from April 21 till April 24. However, they did not manage to organize a mutually beneficial cooperation. Only one person reached Kuban – the deputy head of marketing department of Belkamunmash. ERB has decided to find out who was to blame for the misunderstanding and where did the other members of the delegation go.
The stories differed and the situation appeared to be rather comical. It turned out that the Belarusians were not going to visit Krasnodar at all. “Maybe somebody was going to do it but we did not plan anything”, - said an employee of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

“I do not know who informed you about the trip to Krasnodar. To tell you the truth, we did not plan it. At the end of the last year it was already clear that we would conduct a Russia-Belarus economic forum on April 21-24. All directors general will attend the forum here today. Maybe somebody planned it but we cancelled everything because we need all directors general to be here”.

A delegation from Belarus was awaited in Krasnodar until recently:

“We had been planning to welcome “Radeks”, “Vasilyok”, “Promagralizing”, “Belkamunmash” and “Multyparking”…”

“Nobody arrived”, - noted the press secretary of Krasnodar Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nataliya sadly in an interview with ERB. She thinks it happened because the Belarusian delegation had not been created properly. The press secretary does not know that one person did arrive.

ERB: Your mass media report that one enterprise arrived – “Belkamunmash”…

CCI: Where did they arrive?

ERB: In Krasnodar.

CCI: We do not know about it, maybe they arrived on their own…

Belkamunmash confirmed that their representative was in Krasnodar. However, it is not clear why he went there alone and what he is doing in Kuban at the moment.

Photo by: www.photosight.ru