Belarusian businessman Moshensky avoids sanctions thanks to Hungary

Aleksander Moshensky /
Aleksander Moshensky /

The owner of Belarusian seafood maker Santa Bremor, Aleksander Moshensky, was not added to the EU black list in the latest sanctions package against Belarus and Russia, although his candidacy was discussed.

The discussion took place in May. The arguments were that Moshensky supports Lukashenka and, in exchange, gets to do business in the country. Moshensky's name could have been in the sixth sanctions package, but Hungary suddenly opposed the move, writes the Icelandic publication

"Of course, it was a bit surprising when the Hungarian ambassador said that Hungarians could not accept that Moshensky would be on the list," a European diplomat who participated in the discussion told the media outlet. 

The publication believes that Budapest stood up for Moshensky because of close ties with his aide, Siarhey Niadbaylau, who is the honorary consul of Hungary. Niadbaylau previously described how his status helped him. For example, as honorary consul, he participated in a meeting with businessmen in Budapest. This meeting resulted in a contract with the large British retailer Tesco. 

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