Belarusian archer Karyna Kazlouskaya quits national team and goes abroad

Karyna Kazlouskaya /
Karyna Kazlouskaya /

The 21-year-old Belarusian archer Karyna Kazlouskaya has left the national team and went abroad. The multiple times Belarusian champion, who took fourth place in the team event at the Tokyo Olympics, explained the motives for her move on Instagram.

"Since 2020, I've been under constant stress," Kazlouskaya wrote. "Because of the Olympics, the pandemic, the elections, and after the political repression that continues in the country to this day, and the war in Ukraine. I kept silent for the sake of the sport and endured humiliation, threats and intimidation. I was deprived of more and more rights. Everything reached a point of no return, and I decided to leave the country," she wrote.

The athlete reports that she was officially dismissed from the Belarusian national team. She calls it "the beginning of a new stage in... sports life and good news." "I'm free and safe," the archer adds.

Karyna Kazlouskaya had signed a letter from Belarusian athletes against the police violence and for new elections in Belarus.


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