Belarus envoy to Russia: We need to enter a new integration stage


Belarus and Russia should enter a new integration stage although the process is rather complicated within the Union State, Belarusian Ambassador to the Russian Federation Uladzimir Syamashka said at the opening ceremony of the Day of Multicultural Russia in Minsk.

‘The majority of Belarusians and Russians regret the collapse of the great Soviet Union’ and that it ‘could be better’ in some other circumstances, quotes the diplomat.

The 20th anniversary of the Union State will be marked on December 8, Syamashka reminded.

“Summing up the results of 20 years of cooperation, we are going through a principal stage when we have to decide the direction of our work in the Union State. We are discussing this issue with the Ambassador and the governments of the two states. The process is complicated but it is clear that we should enter a new stage. We are stronger together,” the Belarusian Ambassador said.