Belarus traffic police officers fired 80 shots to stop a truck

In the evening of July 27, traffic police officers in Slonim called their collegues in Baranavichy, asking for help in impounding an inadequate driver. The car transporter on Minsk plates was swerving from side to side and ignored police demands to pull up when on the M1 highway in the direction of Baranavichy.

On the way, the truck caused three accidents in Hrodna region. The traffic police officers from Slonim fired almost 80 shots at the weels of the truck, forcing the driver to stop it. However, the truck continued moving yet swerving.

The violator would not stop in Baranavichy, either. The local traffic police also fired shots the wheels and damaged a fuel tank. But that did not stop the driver, reports Intex Press

Only after all fuel leaked out, the truck stopped. The traffic police said they covered 150 km, chasing the inadequate driver.

The driver had marked his 30th birthday four days before the accident. It is very likely he was driving under the influence of substances. The driver was handcuffed and taken for interrogation to Slonim. Investigation is under way.