Belarus refuses entry to Roman Catholic church head

Tadevush Kandrusevich /​
Tadevush Kandrusevich /​

Border guards on August 31 did not allow the head of the Roman Catholic church in Belarus Tadevush Kandrusievich to enter our country. The Archbishop, a citizen of Belarus, was stopped at the Kuznica-Bruzgi crossing point on the Poland-Belarus border.

"Tadevush Kandrusievich was on his way from Poland. The border control officials refused to comment on why he was not allowed into the country. They only said: No comment!" Belarusian Roman Catholic church's spokesperson Yury Sanko told Euroradio.

The press office of the State Border Committee has declined comment on the situation.

In his speeches earlier this summer, Tadevush Kandrusievich Тадэвуш Кандрусевіч numerously called the falsification of the election results as a sin. Last week, he condemned the blocking of people in the Red Cathedral in Minsk during the dispersal of a protest by the riot police in Independence Square.

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