Belarus to raise utilities tariffs for households by 10 percent on Sep 1

BELTA reports the central heating and hot water supply tariff will go up to Br 90058 per 1 Gcal from Br 82020 per 1 Gcal. 

Natural gas will cost to houhseholds during the heating period Br582.2 per 1 cubic meter instead of Br 530.3. Liquified gas will grow more expensive from Br 8 215.9 up to Br 9021 per 1 cubic meter. 

Electricity tariff for households will be at Br 696 per 1 kWh up from Br 633.9 per 1 kWh. 

According to Ministry of Economy, households covered 24.4 percent of total utilities costs in 2013. This figure grew up to 31 percent in the first quarter of this year and is expected to have grown more by the end of 2014.