Belarus deports ex-'Donetsk People's Republic' field commander

Serhiy Glukhota, a 36-year-old citizen of Ukraine, was deported from Belarus during the night of 3-4 April 2019. He describes himself as a former deputy commander of the illegal military grouping East during the conflict in eastern Ukraine. The former militant was deported for an administrative offence.   

Since 2014, Serhiy Glukhota fought against Ukraine as part of the pro-Russian militants. After the ceasefire, he arrived in Belarus looking for a job as a top manager. In his CV, he mentioned the East unit as his last employment and listed his "unique' combat skills:

Баявік ДНР хацеў стаць топ-менеджарам у Беларусі. Яго дэпартавалі
Glukhota's duties at the East unit

Serhiy Glukhota is banned from entering Belarus for ten years.